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A wide range of accessories completes the offer

The extensive range includes various anchor types – including in A2/A4 stainless steel – and can be assembled with a wide selection of accessories. The SA anchor is suitable for pre-positioned setting.With more than 40 years of experience, Vorpa has built an Socket Sets Suppliers extensive anchoring product portfolio used worldwide.

The latest star to enter the Vorpa family is the new hollow ceiling anchor – SA. It is available in three versions – with 8. It is available with numerous accessories, which Vorpa is confident guarantees quick installation, exceptional economy and high performance.

A wide range of accessories completes the offer...

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Socket Sets Suppliers heavy-duty and ideal for tightening

The KNIPEX Siphon and Connector pliers are also ideal for gently loosening hoses on nozzles.Like every innovative tool forged by KNIPEX – Werk C Gustav Putsch KG, such as the Cobra® and Alligator® ranges, the design of the Siphon and Connector pliers has been carefully thought through.Last but not least, the KNIPEX Siphon and Connector pliers are the perfect tool for gentle gripping of filter cartridges that are subject to cleaning or replacement.

Make the connection with KNIPEX 15 November 2017 KNIPEX Siphon and Connector pliers are ideal for use on siphons, tube fittings, connectors and filter cartridges up to 80mm...

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Then the user screws the façade wood to the counter

EuroTec GmbH supplies a wide variety of screws and fastening systems for construction materials and is able to provide solutions in the form of EiSYS-2 and FaçadeClip for use with suspended façades.

Then the user screws the façade wood to the counter-lathe with the fixing screw. The freely rotating threaded sleeve at the top of the screw allows the façade‘s substructure to be aligned parallel to the building wall.

High loads can be transmitted through the framework screw connections even in the case of larger distances from the building wall. Full design freedom is maintained for the façade..Facade solutions from EuroTec 20...

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