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A wide range of accessories completes the offer

The extensive range includes various anchor types – including in A2/A4 stainless steel – and can be assembled with a wide selection of accessories. The SA anchor is suitable for pre-positioned setting.With more than 40 years of experience, Vorpa has built an Socket Sets Suppliers extensive anchoring product portfolio used worldwide.

The latest star to enter the Vorpa family is the new hollow ceiling anchor – SA. It is available in three versions – with 8. It is available with numerous accessories, which Vorpa is confident guarantees quick installation, exceptional economy and high performance.

A wide range of accessories completes the offer of this flexible and multifunctional fixing, including a special tamper-proof screw as protection against burglary and robbery.9 countersunk head screw. The metric internal thread also enables it to be used with standard screws, threaded rods or other accessories such as eyebolts and hooks.

In its wide range, Vorpa has several mechanical anchors that have received European Technical Assessments, all issued by prestigious European Institutes in accordance to ETAG/EAD guidelines. Installation of TOP anchors can be pre-positioned or push through, depending on the accessory assembled to the body.

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