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Socket Sets Suppliers heavy-duty and ideal for tightening

The KNIPEX Siphon and Connector pliers are also ideal for gently loosening hoses on nozzles.Like every innovative tool forged by KNIPEX – Werk C Gustav Putsch KG, such as the Cobra® and Alligator® ranges, the design of the Siphon and Connector pliers has been carefully thought through.Last but not least, the KNIPEX Siphon and Connector pliers are the perfect tool for gentle gripping of filter cartridges that are subject to cleaning or replacement.

Make the connection with KNIPEX 15 November 2017 KNIPEX Siphon and Connector pliers are ideal for use on siphons, tube fittings, connectors and filter cartridges up to 80mm diameter.

The tool is robust, Socket Sets Suppliers heavy-duty and ideal for tightening and loosening siphon screw connections. Adjustable to 25 positions to reach the ideal size, the box joint design ensures diverse diameters can be tackled by the pliers. It can also tighten and loosen plastic pipe fittings and round union nuts for connectors and couplings with a screw connection, such as Cannon circular connectors

Who will be Fastener Technology Innovator 2017? One of the many attractions of Fastener Fair Stuttgart is the first-hand opportunity to assess new products and services that exhibitors have brought to the market since the last show.Ova-Lok®: Suitable for fixing all types of materials 13 March 2017 With a unique oval thread and shank, as opposed to a standard round thread and shank, Tite-Fix says its Ova-Lok® screw resists anti-sealing moments.

We'll be posting two entries a day leading up to the show – remember to take a note of the stand numbers and attend the special presentation on the final day of the show - where one of these products will be awarded the title of 'Fastener Technology Innovator 2017

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